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Currently I am working as [ CTO ] Creative Director of  Kevaura, LLC, CA, USA. And as CEO | Founder @ BlinkedIn™LIVE. I love to engage myself with website design and development, custom web and mobile app development, social media strategy, promotion and analysis,  photography, travel to the mountain of Sikkim, real estate, eco-friendly ventures related services. 

In the service industry for nearly two decades, I have managed 100s of National and International clients for improving their branding, promotion, business strategy, better web presence, marketing automation, etc with my creative ideas and services, remotely.

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◉ Served for 18 companies/organizations, 129+ individuals from 15 countries, remotely.

◉ Associated with great developer groups from all around the world to provide custom web/mobile solutions [Websites, Apps, etc] as per your need.

◉ Open to any type of Joint Venture matching with my expertise and experience.

◉ Do you find its all interesting, Are You A PowerBull Sales Guy ? Let's Join & Work Together..

Become An Affiliate For The Services I provide personally or with my team for approximately two decades.

I have been working with Sand for 6+ years. He has completed hundreds of projects for me in that time. He is an expert at what he does, completes projects quickly and on time. He is a complete Virtual IT support department including graphic design and website design. Sand is good at trouble-shooting and finding solutions that will manage or solve your IT problems. He takes direction well and produces his work quickly and error free. I highly recommend him for anyone with a web design or graphic design project.

Kevin Gallagher. 

Sand created a website and some graphic designs for me. Sand worked very efficiently, with great detail and completeness. The work was produced ahead of time originally allocated and I am very pleased with the results. Very easy communications utilising all the latest comms technology.
Highly recommended.

Tom Georgeson

Sand Das is a visionary. Front and back end web development and software architecture are his core competencies, and he’s amazing, but his secret sauce is how well he understands clients vision and executes on it while building an incredible foundation to build upon. SEO, inbound enhanced marketing, and branding are all elements of the magic which is Sand Das. I’m pleased to make this recommendation.

Cory Warfield, SHEDWOOL. 
Chicago, USA.

Congratulations Sand Das. In the time I have known you on Linkedin you constantly help all those you meet to have a better place in this world. You are interested in many things and show a gift for addressing human nature at its best and at its most fragile. You respect all people, nature and the riches of your family and those who have gone before you ! You respect life. You connect people and look out for and care for people from all walks of life. You act as a gentleman should never being anything but human and professional. You seek to improve the lives of others. You are competent with social media and media platforms. I highly recommend you in any endeavour you wish to pursue and wish you all the best for the future.

Karen. McGufficke Cleary. 
Global Education Influencer. 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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